MOUNT CARMEL - The famed bleachers in the south end zone at the Silver Bowl will not be open for the upcoming football season as Mount Carmel Area School District officials continue to ponder their future.

At Thursday night's school board meeting, Superintendent Bernie Stellar updated directors and the public on the bleacher issue.

He said an engineering firm employed by the district to inspect the bleachers found them unsafe and in need of an immediate upgrade. Stellar said it was determined that repairing or replacing the bleachers would be cost prohibitive to the district.

He said the school board has decided to keep the bleachers closed for at least the upcoming football season. Stellar said board members are still deciding the fate of the bleachers, which were closed at the beginning of June. He said the bleachers could be repaired, reduced in size, replaced or torn down in the future.

He said district officials also are concerned about damaging the one-year-old track at the Silver Bowl if the bleachers are removed.

Stellar said the board welcomes input from community members about the bleacher issue.