COAL TOWNSHIP - A section of West Pine Street ripped up to replace a water line is causing motorists to break traffic laws.

Motorists have took to driving in the wrong lane of travel in the 1100 block of Pine Street, near the Coal Township Rescue Squad building, to avoid large bumps, holes and ruts that make up an elongated cut that stretches the block.

Aqua Pennsylvania hired a contractor to replace a water line between the 1000 and 1800 blocks, according to Rob Slaby, Coal Township manager.

Slaby was in contact Monday with the project engineer, who said the contractor would return to the site this week to address the issues.

Slaby said the contractor made short-term repairs last week, but suspects rain Friday caused the road to deteriorate.

"It was fine Friday, but Saturday it wasn't OK," Slaby said Tuesday. "I was told the contractor would be back this week to fix it up, again."

Digging up the road has stopped because of the weather, but should resume around the middle of March, Slaby said.