RUSH TOWNSHIP - A Catawissa man who allegedly pointed an unloaded shotgun at a family traveling along Route 54 en route to a relative's home for Thanksgiving has been charged by state police with terroristic threats and other crimes.

Cody James Linn, 20, of 184 Mount Zion Road, was released after posting $10,000 bail at his arraignment Tuesday before Magisterial District Judge Hugh Jones.

He is accused of tailgating a vehicle occupied by three people along Route 54 near Boyd Station at 1:20 p.m. Nov. 28, making an obscene gesture at the driver after he passed her and pointing a shotgun out his window at the three occupants, who were not identified by police.

One of the victims told police she was traveling east when she attempted to pass a slower moving vehicle. Upon entering the passing lane, the driver said she noticed an older model Ford pickup truck, allegedly operated by Linn, quickly approaching her from the rear. She said Linn began tailgating her before she applied her brakes to let him know he was traveling too close.

The victim said she entered the right lane to allow the truck to pass. As the truck traveled past her, Linn made an obscene gesture, and the driver later exchanged the same to him.

After the truck got in front of the victim's vehicle, it began to slow down to approximately 35 to 40 mph before Linn reached behind his seat, pulled out a shotgun and pointed it out the driver's side window of the truck toward the victims, they told police.

The driver of the other vehicle said she then slowed down to avoid further confrontation and turned off the highway onto Penn Avenue, while Linn continued east on Route 54.

Police said Linn later confessed to pointing the barrel of what he said was an unloaded, broken shotgun out the window at the victims, but claimed the driver of the other vehicle suddenly slammed on her brakes, temporarily preventing him from passing her. He also claimed the victim tailgated him.

Linn was charged by Trooper Daniel Wilk of state police at Stonington with misdemeanors of terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment, and summaries of disorderly conduct, careless driving, reckless driving, driving under suspension, following a vehicle too closely and a seat belt violation.