MOUNT CARMEL - The following memorials/donations were presented to Divine Redeemer Church during January:

In memory of:

Janet Mary Greco from Dan and Phyllis Ficca, Jasmine Paskell, Francis "Cosmo" Rossi, Theresa Nowroski, Frank and Mary Sawicki, Gina Miriello and Anne McAndrew, Don and Diane Ciocco, Stella Brosokas, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bucher; aunt, Connie Wenrich and Dave; Hank and Loretta Witkoski, Elizabeth Warner, Ron Coleman and family, Gloria Tresca.

Lawrence Yuskoski from Frank and Mary Sawicki.

Cecelia M. Dorkoski from Frank and Mary Sawicki, Teresa Migash, Ann Migash Belsky.

Joseph G. Blase from Craig and Angie Love, Don and Diane Ciocco, John Wenrich and family, aunt, Connie Wenrich and Dave.

Elinor E. Henrie from Wally, Anne and Megan McAndrew, Dan and Phyllis Ficca, Pat Nevis and family; Hank and Loretta Witkoski, Linda L. Lyons, Rick, Lucille and Alex Shierant, Helen Pavis, Frank and Mary Sawicki, Ron Coleman and family, Linda Weissinger.

John Shiko from daughter, Irene Kurland.

Robert Rossi from Rita and Jean Grochowski.

Violet Cheslock from Connie Wenrich and Dave.

Robert A. Veach from Linda L. Lyons.

Enrica Marie Richard from Gerry Palewicz.

Francis E. Daya from Wally and Anne McAndrew, Megan McAndrew and Matt Filarski, Frank and Mary Sawicki.

Joan M. Todisco from Martha Meredith, Sam and Ann Spears, Frank and Mary Sawicki, Gina and Marietta Miriello, Anne McAndrew and family, Rita M. Pizzoli, Henry and Loretta Witkoski, Gilly Elgin and family, Norbert Dombroski, Don and Diane Ciocco, Ed and Deanna Ciocco and family, Joe and Melissa Ciocco and family, Elaine Jurgill, Don and Marianne Millard, Mildred Greco, Joe and Barb Iwanski, Dan and Phyllis Ficca, Matthew and Holly Ficca, Daniel and Tracy Ficca, Alice O'Donnell and family, Donna and Bob Veach, Joseph R. Hanna, Jr., JoAnn and Walt Kozlowski and Elizabeth Veach, Michelle Downing, Mary M. Rudisill, Krisa Moncavage and family.

Theodore Pedergnana from Jim and Ida Reilly and family.

Birthday memorial:

Joseph Kurland (Jan. 21) from wife, Irene.