MOUNT CARMEL - The following memorials have been presented to Divine Redeemer Church for November.

In memory of:

Evelyn Topolski from sister, Wanda.

Theresa Lutz from Cindy and David Boyer.

John Fusetti from children, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Lisa Ann.

Josephine Fierro from Dan and Phyllis Ficca.

Emeriggio and Martha Fincato from daughters, Angela and Mary Louise.

Jimmy and Colleen Palembas from Marie Bielarski and Betty Soury.

Gertrude (Birch) Brzostowski from Marie Bielarski and Betty Soury.

Augustine Lombardo from wife, Rose Marie, and children.

Victor S. Angeli from Lena Kopchak, Rosemary Wolfe and Pat Novakoski and families.

James Mattis from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bridy.

Rose Marie Nevil from Wally, Anne and Megan McAndrew, Craig and Angie Love and boys.

Jeanette Andruscavage from Dora and Joan DiFrancesco, Lena Wynne and family, Hank and Loretta Witkoski.

Mary P. Kozlowski from Elizabeth Veach, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Witkoski, Isabell Amarose, Frank and Mary Sawicki, Rose Polifka, George and Dolores Kerestes, Maria Kaminski, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bridy, Martha Meredith, Walter, Anne and Megan McAndrew, John J. Elgin, Ted and Jackie Matlow, Sara Mirarchi, Helen Pavis, Evelyn Pedergnana, Mary Zenyuh and family, Mount Carmel Area School Sunshine Club.

Cecelia A. Siedlecki from Frank and Mary Sawicki, John J. Elgin, Mr. and Mrs. Evo Coroniti.

Frank (Birch) Brzostowski from Marie Bielarski, Helen Moleski, Betty Soury.

Jacquline R. Tumolo from Charles and Antoinette Niglio, John and Carla Gabreski, Carol and Matt Altomare.