The following landlord/tenant claims and judgements were filed in Magisterial District Court.

Hugh A. Jones, Mount Carmel

Michael R. Kaleta, of Mount Carmel, filed against Jeff Welker and Jessica Brosh, of Mount Carmel, for $4,950, filed Dec. 5. Hearing scheduled for Dec. 18.

Shannon Kuhns, of Middleburg, awarded $2,238 from Andrew Riegel, of Mount Carmel, Dec. 4, for unpaid rent, court costs and attorney fees.

John Gembic III, Shamokin

Anthony J. Varano, of Elysburg, filed against Andrew H. Reich Jr., of Shamokin, for $1,085, filed Dec. 4. Hearing scheduled for Dec. 19.

HRE Holding, of Shamokin, filed against Scott Wright and all occupants of a residence in Shamokin, for $1,350, filed Dec. 3. Hearing scheduled for Dec. 16.