SUNBURY - Brian Glass pleaded guilty but mentally ill Monday to two counts of homicide by vehicle while DUI in relation to a July 2012 accident that killed Kirk Mahaffey, of Northumberland, and his 3-year-old son, Mason, on Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Those charges carry a mandatory three-year sentence on each count, and by law must be run consecutively, District Attorney Tony Rosini said in clarifying a report from Wednesday's edition.

Glass also pleaded guilty to one count of DUI for having a blood-alcohol content of .146 at the time of the crash. He is to receive a concurrent sentence on that charge, Rosini said.

Glass, 27, of Port Trevorton, provided a report from the Veterans Administration that indicated that, as a result of his service and being in situations where he observed individuals killed and wounded, he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, according to Rosini. Judge Charles Saylor held a separate hearing, after the plea was entered, and accepted that report as sufficient evidence to establish that he had a mental illness necessary for the entry of the plea under the statute.

A defendant who pleads guilty but mentally ill and who is sentenced to a state prison must be provided treatment by the state for his illness, if he is found to still be suffering from it when he enters the state system. If the court accepts the plea, Glass will receive a six- to 12-year sentence and, if necessary, any treatment will be provided by the Department of Corrections (DOC), Rosini said. This will be in a secure state prison facility.

He still must serve his sentence and if treatment is necessary and provided, once he has recovered, he will be returned to a state prison, Rosini said.

Sentencing is scheduled for 1 p.m. June 26 before Saylor.