COAL TOWNSHIP - Reading Anthracite's new head of security is expected to meet with township commissioners next month.

The informal meeting slated for the commissioners' March 5 agenda session is expected to allow further discussion on a partnership for security patrols and emergency services on township coal lands.

The commissioners voted Wednesday, as expected, to indefinitely table an ordinance which would have attempted to tax anyone selling access permits for its private coal lands.

Access permits are available through Reading Anthracite and are believed largely sought after by off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

It was an about-face by commissioners from December, when they announced the ordinance in the hopes of recouping costs associated with emergency services provided on private coal lands.

They were upset because of a perceived lack of communication with Reading Anthracite. However, the company's president, Brian Rich, met with township officials last month and, out of that, relations were significantly improved.

It was promised dialogue between the entities would continue, leading to the informal meeting next month.

New position

The position of the elected treasurer will expire at year's end. In its place will be an elected tax collector, with a treasurer position filled by commissioner appointment, beginning in January 2014.

The tax collector position, which is up for election this year, will be paid by the township 5 percent of taxes collected, or up to $10,000. That position will also be compensated by both Northumberland County and Shamokin Area School District for tax collection on their behalf.

Sharon Castetter is the current treasurer, and is currently paid by the township $10,000 to perform the duties of treasurer, which includes tax collection. She is also compensated both by the county and school district.

She hasn't yet publicly announced whether she will again seek election.

Commissioners are currently working to establish what the treasurer position will entail, what compensation it will bring and who may be called upon to fill that role.

Department reports

Police Chief William Carpenter reported the department received 292 complaints in January and patrolled 5,199 miles; 90 arrests were made; 12 abandoned vehicles were reported, with 11 abated, and 30 motor vehicle accidents were investigated. Officers issued 36 parking tickets, 32 criminal complaints or citations, 16 traffic citations and five code tickets.

The code office responded to all 69 complaints made at the office last month, Code Officer Chris Petrovich reported. He issued 20 building permits, 34 occupancy permits and two citations.

The recycling center shipped 87,410 pounds of material in January, facility coordinator Charlie Shuey reported. It generated $13,346.77 in income and incurred expenses of $11,781.78, creating a profit of $1,564.99.

The street department performed the following work in January, among other tasks: plowing and treating township roads for winter weather on six occasions; filled pot holes; worked on dirt roads in Excelsior, Upper and Lower Sagon and Coal Run; picked up Christmas trees; rotated leaf piles at the township recycling center; performed building maintenance at the main garage; picked up residential recycling; rebuilt the plow frame for a township truck and performed maintenance on other township vehicles.