COAL TOWNSHIP - A Northumberland County deputy sheriff was treated for injuries Monday morning after his sheriff's department SUV slid on the snow along Route 225 (Trevorton Road), crashed into a stone embankment and flipped onto its side just south of the Cameron Bridge.

Henry H. Schrader, 65, of Coal Township, who reportedly suffered minor leg, knee and shoulder injuries, was transported by AREA Services Ambulance to Geisinger-Shamokin Area Community Hospital, where he underwent emergency room treatment before being released.

He was en route to work at the Northumberland County Courthouse when the accident occurred at about 7:30 a.m. Coal Township police said Schrader was driving a 2004 Ford Expedition north when it crashed into the embankment and flipped onto its driver's side. The crash occurred near Patrick's' garage, near the top of the Route 225 hill just outside of Shamokin. Driving conditions remained hazardous in some areas Monday morning after Sunday's snowstorm dropped as much as 10 inches on parts of eastern Northumberland County.

Schrader, who was trapped in his vehicle for a short time, was heard over the emergency scanner reporting his own accident to the 911 center.

Police said Schrader was able to exit the vehicle by crawling through the passenger side door with the assistance of Coal Township firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

The vehicle, owned by Northumberland County, was removed from the scene by Anthracite Towing. Damage could be seen on the driver's side.

Also assisting were Shamokin police and Coal Township and Shamokin fire chiefs.