WILBURTON - The Conyngham Township Authority has entered into an agreement with Aqua Pennsylvania to terminate water service for delinquent sewage accounts, it was reported Monday.

Authority officials said they have been trying to deal with people who have been delinquent on their monthly sewage bills since the implementation of the public sewage system in July 2011. According to the authority's billing agent, the outstanding amount owed is now at $100,000 in payment and penalties.

At their meeting March 11, authority board members thanked the customers who pay their bills on time, but also said they realize they cannot continue to allow the delinquency to continue.

"We will use every means necessary to collect this debit; we are a small operation and cannot afford to not have this money uncollected," the authority reported in a statement Monday. "The authority warned people that all costs associated with any action taken will be added on to their current bill, increasing the outstanding amount that is owed."

The authority is encouraging anyone with bills 90 days and older to bring their account current to minimize out-of-pocket expenses.

Notice of water terminations could start within 30 days.