SUNBURY - Saturday was a faire day in Sunbury.

Reenactors from the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and volunteers from Sunbury Revitalization Inc. (SRI) joined at the riverfront amphitheater to take spectators back to the middle ages for the Lake Augusta Renaissance Festival.

A collection of tents featured goods made using authentic Renaissance techniques, doublet-wearing musicians and, of course, giant turkey legs.

An area set up for swordplay was a big draw; fighters donned armor and took turns swinging heavy swords at each other while spectators cheered on.

Meghan Beck, president of SRI, said she was thrilled with the steady crowd, which she estimated at 1,200, and with the variety of activities provided by SCA.

"We were looking to bring something unique to the area," said Beck. "It's very educational and very fun."

Beck said the event, the first of its kind in Sunbury, came to fruition after an SRI member who was also a member of SCA suggested it. She was thrilled with the outcome.

While many of the SCA members are local, some traveled in from across the state, and about 150 in all were involved.

Friderich Swartzwalder, who came from Harrisburg to swordfight, said he's been a member of SCA for 10 years. He and his wife travel to SCA events.

Beck admires the commitment of the reenactors, and hopes to have them back.

"They do it for the love of it," she said.