Disorderly conduct

SHAMOKIN - Heather Scott, 35, of 801 E. Dewart St., was cited by Shamokin City Police Patrolman Raymond Siko II for disorderly conduct and public drunkenness following an incident in the 300 block of South Market Street at 5:22 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say Scott, who was inebriated at the time, caused a disturbance, refused to leave the area and attempted to grab Siko's firearm.

Charges withdrawn

SHAMOKIN - Charges of simple assault and harassment filed by Shamokin Patrolman William Zalinski against Darryl L. Kashner Jr., 27, of 615 N. Shamokin St., Shamokin, were withdrawn Tuesday when the alleged victim, Jordan Detalente, refused to testify against the defendant.

Kashner was charged with throwing a metal aerosol can at Detalente, which hit her in the back and caused a large abrasion July 19. He also is accused of repeatedly shoving Detalente, who is his girlfriend, in an attempt to keep her from leaving her apartment. Police said the assault occurred at 615 N. Shamokin St.

Refuses to testify

SHAMOKIN - Charges of theft, receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy filed by Coal Township Detective Jeff Brennan against Kyle Hoffman, 18, of 1010 N. Franklin St., Shamokin, were withdrawn Tuesday when the alleged victim, Michael Libby, refused to pursue the case.

Hoffman was charged with stealing a Yamaha motorcycle owned by Libby on June 7 from 32 Sherman St., Coal Township.