Citations issued

COAL TOWNSHIP - The following individuals were cited last week by Code Enforcement Officer Chris Petrovich for ordinance violations:

- Christopher and Erica Kern, 1435 Pulaski Ave., for a property at 1335 W. Walnut St., garbage accumulation.

- Kerry McGuire, 1742 Holly St., for a property at 10 S. Poplar St., two citations for brush, grass and weeds, and one citation for collapsed roof on garage in rear of property, and for a property at 12 S. Poplar St., collapsed roof on garage in rear of property.

- Marion Valanoski, 833 W. Spruce St., for a vacant lot on Tioga Street, brush, grass and weeds.

- Miguel Gonzalez, 65-67 W. Independence St., Shamokin, for a property at 1101 W. Spruce St., brush, grass and weeds.

- Andy Derck, 1317 W. Arch St., for a property at 1317 W. Arch St., garbage accumulation.

- Cynthia Clayton, 1 N. Walnut St., Mount Carmel, for a property at 1149 W. Independence St., brush, grass and weeds.

- Amber Wallish, 509 Sears Drive, New Alexander, for a property at 1331 W. Walnut St., garbage.

- Frank Devizia, P.O. Box 361, White Mills, for a property at 930 W. Pine St., garbage.

- Justin Bainbridge, 327 Main St., Ranshaw, for a property at 327 Main St., brush, grass and weeds.


SHAMOKIN - Ronald Nahodil, 42, of 512 Bear Valley Ave., Shamokin, was charged by Patrolman Raymond Siko II with driving under the influence of alcohol involving a July 8 vehicle stop on Walnut Street near Sixth Street.

Police said Nahodil admitted drinking alcohol, but refused to submit to a blood test.


SHAMOKIN - Patrolman Raymond Siko II has charged Vernon Lee Hoke, 58, of 716 E. Dewart St., Shamokin, with two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol and one count of careless driving in connection with an Aug. 4 incident at Shamokin and Webster streets.

Police said Hoke had a blood-alcohol content of .237 percent.

False reports

COAL TOWNSHIP - James W. Horne, 43, of 162-A Fifth St., Ranshaw, was charged by Patrolman Matthew Hashuga with false alarms to public safety agencies, unsworn falsification to authorities, false reports to law enforcement agencies and recklessly endangering another person involving a May 11 incident at his apartment.

At about 3:45 a.m., police said Horne called his sister, Mary Jean Gula, at her home and told her he was attacked inside his apartment by a man with a knife who stabbed him across the torso. Horne told his sister he fired a single gunshot into a wall to scare the intruder off.

Gula then relayed the information to the Northumberland County 911 Center, who dispatched police and emergency personnel to the apartment. Police said it was later learned that Horne lied about being attacked and stabbed.

Police said Horne did fire a single bullet from a handgun inside his apartment that traveled through the east wall toward occupied homes in the neighborhood. Police said the bullet could have caused death or serious injury had it struck someone.