HARRISBURG - Robert J. Wolfe has Gov. Tom Corbett's blessing to formally become Northumberland County's next sheriff.

The governor's office late Thursday afternoon forwarded Wolfe's nomination to the Senate, which must give its approval through a majority vote. Thursday marked the deadline for a nomination by Corbett, who had 90 days to act on a recommendation following the Jan. 24 resignation of former Sheriff Chad Reiner.

Wolfe must now submit ethics and financial statements to the Senate. A minimum of 10 days after he does that, the Senate can vote, state Sen. John Gornder (R-27), said Thursday.

With the governor's nomination and support from the host senator, which Wolfe has with Gordner, "it's usually smooth sailing" in the Senate, Gordner said.

He noted significant bipartisan support for Wolfe, who is a Democrat, including from the Northumberland County Democratic Committee and state Reps. Kurt Masser (R-107) and Lynda Schlegel Culver (R-108), who, along with Gordner, are Republicans.

Because Reiner is a Democrat, his replacement must be one as well.

Wolfe, a former deputy who was sworn in as acting sheriff on the day of Reiner's resignation, called the promotion "one of the greatest honors of my life."

Gordner said Wolfe is "well qualified to fill out the term," which expires on the first Monday in January 2016.

Reiner resigned amid a dispute over salary cuts for county row officers, a proposal that remains tied up in court. The sheriff's salary for now remains $53,834.

Wolfe is a 20-year veteran of the Shamokin police department, where he reached the rank of corporal before retiring in April 2009. After that, he worked in the sheriff's office and as a part-time policeman in several communities before becoming acting sheriff.