SHAMOKIN - Neighbors on either side of a collapsing house that was razed by emergency order earlier this summer said they were frustrated about damage to their own homes they say took place during the tear-down.

With the contractor back on the scene Friday, however, and a promise from the city that repairs will be made, Kelly Wilson and Elaine Kramer seem satisfied.

Madonna Enterprises Inc., Port Carbon, deployed an excavator and sky lift to the now empty lot at 613-615 W. Spruce St. They will replace the siding at 617 W. Spruce St., owned by Kramer, part of the roof and broken siding boards at 609 W. Spruce St., Wilson's home, and gutters on both properties this weekend.

Rick Bozza, city code officer, also said grass will be planted on the vacant lot, and the sidewalk will be replaced in front of the property.

Kramer and Wilson have detailed specific damage. Regardless, they are happy to see progress.

"I guess it couldn't be helped," Wilson acknowledged Friday.

Bozza said neither the city nor Madonna is required to do anything further with the properties.

Siding damage

Wilson said portions of her roof facing 613-15 W. Spruce St. were pushed up and gutters were knocked loose on the front of the house. Also, there are several holes in the side of her house.

While aware of the activity taking place Friday, Wilson said neither the contractor nor anyone from the city had informed her that the repairs were planned.

Kramer said the water getting into her basement existed before the building was torn down. She has since curbed some of the water by placing plastic along the outside of her house.

Bozza assured her Friday Madonna's work would be inspected and done to avoid seepage.

Also, Kramer said an old phone line was ripped out during the project, but the phone company replaced it.

Another job

Kramer was worried no one would take care of the problems since it had been four weeks since the demolition, but she was pleased to see the crews working Friday.

"Hopefully, by next week, you'll be happy with your house," Bozza said to Kramer.

Vince Madonna said it took four weeks before he could address the Spruce Street property because he had another job in Lancaster. In order to address these Shamokin problems, he pulled out of that job temporarily, he said.

Madonna crews will be at the property all weekend and expect to be done with the siding on both houses and be planting grass by Monday.

The sidewalk work will be subcontracted out next week, Madonna said.

Madonna Enterprises submitted the lowest qualified bid of $21,000 to demolish the dilapidated double home that partially collapsed July 2. The second story at the rear of 613-615 W. Spruce St. collapsed into the first story. A portion of the roof bumped into and was leaning against neighboring 617 W. Spruce St.

The state waived a 10-day waiting period for the demolition to begin, and also approved the use of a Community Development Block Grant to fund the project.

Permission from the state to begin tearing down 613-615 W. Spruce St. couldn't be given before the city received a bid bond from Madonna Enterprises Inc. A bid bond is insurance meant to guarantee that a contractor uphold contract terms.