SHAMOKIN - An arbitral tribunal is mulling contract proposals presented Thursday by the city and its police union.

The three arbitrators handling the case are scheduled to meet May 1 to discuss the proposals; however, a ruling is not expected that day.

The police union is working under terms of a five-year contract that expired Jan. 1.

Susan Friedman was appointed by the city as its arbitrator; Richardson Todd Eagan was appointed for the police union and John Skonier was appointed the neutral arbitrator and chairman of the tribunal.

The city is represented in the proceedings by attorney Keith Mooney of the Barley Snyder law firm.

An approximate five-hour hearing was held Thursday at city hall with testimony given by interim city clerk Ed Zack, Marita Kelley of the state Department of Community and Economic Development, Ryan Hottenstein of FS&L Solutions, the city's appointed financial advisor, and patrolmen Shane Mowery and William Zalinski, police union representatives. Mayor William D. Milbrand was also in attendance.

A veteran officer of the police department, Mowery said the arbitration process is a first during his tenure.