SELINSGROVE - Abriel Newton, of Elysburg, was one of 15 students from Susquehanna University who recently spent time in South Africa as part of the university's Global Opportunities (GO) program.

Travel Writing in South Africa gives students the opportunity to spend 10 days in a traditional Xhosa village at Mdumbi in the green Transeki hills, 100 yards from the Indian Ocean; meet with traditional diviners and chiefs; enjoy traditional foods; tour a black South African township in Cape Town, and bargain for treasures at the biggest handicrafts market in Africa. They also visit Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve to see elephants, nyala, lions and giraffes; tour the castle where Dutch colonists first settled in South Africa; visit museums in Cape Town; experience breath-taking rainforests, mountains and oceanside cliffs, and learn about the struggle for racial equality, from slavery and colonial conquest to apartheid and present-day inequalities. Their guide is Glen Retief, assistant professor of English and creative writing, who shares his memories of growing up in South Africa while teaching the art of compelling travel writing.

Newton is studying creative writing and French at Susquehanna, where she will be a junior in the fall. She is a 2012 graduate of Southern Columbia Area High School and a daughter of Mike and Lisa Newton.