COAL TOWNSHIP - Township commissioners say they are protecting local business owners by raising the fees for a peddling permit.

The commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to repeal the previous peddling and soliciting ordinance and enact a new version. It increases the fee from $25 a year to $25 per event and $100 for a yearly license. It also ends any prior exemptions from licensing.

The move impacts vendors who set up shop temporarily in Coal Township for short-term events, with Commissioner Gene Welsh describing the fee as a preventative method of allowing merchants to do business for free.

"Our businesses pay taxes 24/7," Chairman Craig Fetterman said.

The commissioners also voted to amend the junk vehicle ordinance and advertise its intent to change the zoning of an area near the old Mountain View Manor building from residential (R-1) to commercial (C-2). The building is intended for use as a business by its new owner.

An amendment to the junk vehicle ordinance lessens the amount of time when recreational vehicles, utility trailers and tow dollies can be parked on township streets. The new parking period is Nov. 1 to April 1. The old period was Sept. 15 to April 15.

The RVs, trailers and dollies may be parked on township streets during the restricted months for up to 72 hours only for the purpose of cleaning and maintenance.

In other business, a stop sign will be installed at Webster Street and Maple Avenue.