COAL TOWNSHIP - Under a recommendation from PennDOT, steps will be taken to try to eliminate accidents at the intersection of Route 61 and the entrances to Walmart and the Plaza at Coal Township.

Township secretary Rob Slaby reported the left turn arrow traffic signal will be changed from protected permitted to protected prohibited, which means traffic from either direction will no longer be allowed to turn left when the arrow is not lit.

Currently, left-turn traffic can continue to turn when gaps are available in the opposing traffic stream.

Commissioners received a letter from District 3-0 Executive Sandra Tosca, who responded to a concern by Michael McLaughlin, owner of the Plumbing Outlet, which is west of the intersection.

Tosca said traffic engineers reviewed the crash history at the intersection over the past five years and determined 13 crashes during that time period can be attributed to vehicles turning left.

Since traffic signals are owned and operated by the municipality in which they are located, Coal Township is responsible for the signage and enforcing the rules.

In other business

- It was announced the Coal Township Street Department will pick up yard waste from May 19 to June 3. No trees or limbs longer than three feet will be picked up, and all leaves must be bagged. Yard waste needs to be curbside, not in the street.

- A motion was approved to authorize an advertisement requesting applications for both full and part-time positions in the street department for skilled and general laborers.

- A resolution was adopted for the Coal Township Police policy in regard to warrantless arrests under Section 8902 of Title 42 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes. Police Chief William Carpenter said nothing has changed in the resolution and it was just a routine approval.

- A motion was passed to advertise a proposed ordinance regarding traffic signals. The ordinance would correct a mistake regarding a one-way street on Valley Street from Poplar to Locust, not Poplar to Laurel as currently printed, and to establish a no-parking zone 43 feet long at the southeast corner of Oak and Water streets and the placement of appropriate signage.

- During public comment, Walter Lutz, of Kulpmont, asked commissioners for permission to put up free libraries in areas of Springfield, Brady and Mulberry Street where playgrounds are located. The free libraries would be similar to those in Trevorton and Kulpmont. The commissioners said they would look over the plan and discuss it.

All motions were approved on a 3-0 vote with commissioners Gene Welsh, Paul Leshinskie and George Zalar voting yes. Commissioners Bernie Rumberger and Craig Fetterman were absent.