COAL TOWNSHIP - John Burd, of Coal Township, announced his candidacy Monday for state representative in the 107th District as a Libertarian.

"Pennsylvanians do not care about liberal or conservative," Burd said in a statement. "What they do care about is being represented by someone focused on passing laws which protect and advance their interests instead of laws which are written by special interests to advance their agenda."

He said his campaign will focus on "promoting efficient, sustainable government with a drive to restore governance to comply with our founding documents."

"It is past time for the people to demonstrate to our elected officials at all levels that we know that the agenda of the lobbyists is bankrupting us, and it is time for the lobbyists' control over public policy to come to an end," he said.

Petitions in order

Friday was the deadline for third-party candidates to file nominating petitions. Burd was among a list of 14 candidates who the Department of State identified as having filed the required number of petition signatures and other paperwork, according to Matthew Keeler, department spokesman. Twelve of those candidates are seeking state House seats and two are seeking state Senate seats.

In almost all general assembly districts statewide, 300 signatures are required, Peeler said.

The 14 candidates have satisfied the requirements to be listed on the November ballot provided there are no challenges to their candidacies, Keeler said. The deadline to challenge is Friday.

Independence important

Burd says corruption in politics has allowed established parties been unable to deliver for the people.

"This is why my independent campaign is so important. I am owned by no one," he said. "My purpose will be to take the people's cause, and only the people's cause, to Harrisburg."

Burd said he makes his living as an investor. He's a lifelong resident of Coal Township.

He is secretary-treasurer of the Susquehanna Valley Libertarian Party, which covers Northumberland, Montour, Snyder, Union and Columbia counties, and has been a guest speaker at "liberty events" on the subjects of government finance and surveillance.

Kurt Masser was unopposed in the primary for the Republican nomination in seeking his third term representing the 107th. There were no Democratic candidates on the ballot.