EAST CAMERON TOWNSHIP - A lawsuit over revenue generated from land use on Boyer's Knob in Northumberland County was moved to federal court Tuesday.

In court documents obtained from the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, Louis V. Santoriello, of 11241 SW 25th Court, Davie, Fla., is alleging that James P. Bridy, of 616 Virginia Park Drive, Laguna Beach, Calif., owes him a portion of $18,000 generated from a lease of $1,000 per month for an emergency services tower on 186 acres of property owned by both individuals.

Santoriello is also asking the courts to partition the property equally between them.

Bridy acquired the parcel of land with his brother, Edward Bridy, from the estate of Ellen M. Bridy. In January 2010, Edward Bridy executed a deed in favor of John A. Santoriello, Louis's son, and then John Santoriello executed a deed to Louis V. Santoriello in August 2012, according to court documents.

Louis V. Santoriello and Bridy are tenants in common, Santoriello said in court documents.

According to Santoriello, neither he nor his father have ever received any revenue from the tower lease despite making reasonable efforts to do so.

The property also has the potential for additional income sources, he said in court documents.

Santoriello is represented by attorney Matthew Slivinski, of Selinsgrove; Bridy is represented by attorney David C. Shipman, of Williamsport.

In other court documents, Shipman and Bridy argue that because Santoriello is asking for the land to be divided between the two parties, the amount in question clearly exceeds $75,000. Therefore, they say, the lawsuit should be moved to federal court.