BLOOMSBURG - An area superintendent realized he made a mistake by not canceling classes for frigid weather Tuesday when a third of the student body stayed home.

Harry Mathias, superintendent of Central Columbia School District, told The (Bloomsburg) Press Enterprise Tuesday he regretted his decision, especially after several parents called his office to voice their anger.

"This wasn't the easiest day. It wasn't the easiest day for the secretaries either. I certainly regret that," Mathias told the newspaper.

Nearly 500 Central Columbia students stayed home Tuesday, the paper reported.

Mathias based his decision on information from the National Weather Service (NWS), the paper reported. Mathias said the NWS windchill chart determined students could safely stand outside for up to 30 minutes. Tuesday's temperatures dropped below zero degrees and stayed in the single digits throughout the region. Every other school in the region canceled classes due to the effects of the polar vortex, the Bloomsburg paper reported.

Mathias said he will consult with area superintendents when considering weather-related delays and cancellations, according to the paper.