MOUNT CARMEL TOWNSHIP - Mount Carmel Township Chief of Police Brian Hollenbush urged motorists Friday to heed the flashing traffic lights at the intersection of Route 54 and Brennans Farm Road, the site of several recent accidents.

A lightning storm Wednesday destroyed the panel that operates the traffic lights, and the earliest it can be repaired is Tuesday, Hollenbush said.

"We've had three accidents there," he added.

TRA Electric, of Watsontown, determined earlier this week the entire panel must be replaced.

"The whole box is fried," Hollenbush said.

The traffic light on Brennan's Farm Road/Locust Gap Highway from Den Mar Gardens to Mount Carmel flashes red, indicating motorists must stop as if at a stop sign.

In fact, police have placed temporary stop signs, Hollenbush said.

The traffic light on Route 54 flashes yellow, indicating motorists should proceed through the intersection with caution.

Hollenbush urged motorists to be cautious and pay close attention to traffic patterns at the intersection.

Traffic is expected to be heavy because of the holiday weekend.