BLOOMSBURG - A camp counselor accused of sexually assaulting a hearing-impaired girl pleaded guilty Monday to a lesser charge after the alleged victim didn't testify.

Karisa A. Zapotocky, 21, of Allentown, pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and may face a probation sentence, according to The Press Enterprise.

Police said Zapotocky pulled the teenager into a shower room and forced the girl to perform sexual acts in August 2011 at Camp Hero, a program for the hearing impaired held on the grounds of Camp Victory near Millville.

The victim had testified at a preliminary hearing and said she was scared of Zapotocky, who held her forcibly and intimidated her with an "angry look" during the encounter, the newspaper reported. The girl's mother was critical of camp officials, who she said tried to keep the story from going public.

Police said Zapotocky initially denied the allegations, but later admitted to having a sexual encounter, calling it consensual, the newspaper reported.

Investigators said Zapotocky, who was assigned to help campers age 7 to 9, allegedly washed several of the younger campers in the showers, which is against camp policy. However, camp officials were not aware of those encounters until the last day of camp, the newspaper said.