SNYDERTOWN - A Bradford County teenager was believed to be speeding when she wrecked her car along a wet Snydertown Road Thursday morning, state police said.

Sarah Ellen Reid, 18, of Athens, was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash by Northumberland County Coroner James Kelley, who said in a press release that she was killed by blunt force trauma.

She was not wearing a seat belt, but Kelley said the vehicle's air bags deployed.

The crash occurred two miles west of Snydertown, near Chevanik Road, just before 10 a.m. She was pronounced dead 30 minutes later and was identified by her parents at the morgue of Sunbury Community Hospital at 1 p.m., Kelley reported.

Trooper James McCormick, state police at Stonington, said in a public information release that Reid was driving a 1996 Honda Civic west toward Sunbury when she lost control of the four-door sedan on a left hand curve.

The vehicle spun clockwise and off of the north berm, striking a tree with its front end. It continued to spin and struck another tree with its driver's side before coming to rest facing east.

It was reported to 911 that the vehicle had caught fire but was quickly extinguished.

Reid was the lone occupant of the car.

McCormick was assisted by Trooper Daniel Wilk and Cpl. Jack Chapman in determining how the crash occurred by examining and measuring road markings and ruts in the grass left by the car's tires.

A young man who was visibly upset told troopers at the scene that he was Reid's boyfriend. He answered trooper's questions and was consoled by two men who arrived on scene before driving away.

Emergency personnel said it was believed the boyfriend was driving ahead of Reid and, no longer noticing her car in his rearview mirror, turned around and discovered the accident.

It is believed Reid had recently moved in with her boyfriend in Snydertown.

Chief Deputy Coroner James R. Gotlob assisted Kelley. Sunbury and Stonington fire departments assisted troopers.

Snydertown Road was closed in the area for approximately 75 minutes.

(Freelance writer Harry Deitz contributed to this story.)