MOUNT CARMEL - Two citations filed by borough code enforcement officer Robin Williams against Steve Bartos for failing to remove debris from the sidewalk outside his residence in November were withdrawn Friday morning after Bartos' wife, Meg, paid the tickets, which totaled $110.

Williams said Steve Bartos was cited Nov. 1 and Nov. 14 for violating the borough's qualify of life ordinance adopted in May. The ordinance allows the code enforcement officer to issue non-traffic citations against individuals who fail to pay fines after 30 days of the offense.

Steve Bartos is the city clerk in Shamokin and Meg Bartos was an unsuccessful candidate for county prothonotary in the November election.

Williams said Steve Bartos was initially issued a $25 ticket for the first offense and $50 for the second offense after failing to remove the debris. In addition to the tickets, Williams said Bartos was assessed late fees of $10 and $25 for failing to respond to the tickets within 10 days after they were issued, which brought his total fines to $110.

Williams, who said the debris was removed from the sidewalk last month, reported Steve Bartos was facing approximately $500 in fines and costs attached to the citations if payment wasn't made soon.

Contacted Thursday night, Bartos, who has been on medical leave from his job since mid-November for shoulder surgery, told The News-Item he didn't know what the tickets were for, but planned to resolve the issue Friday morning with Williams.

He said Friday the debris in question was a large pile of brush and yard waste that had been piled at a corner of his backyard. He said it "fell off the radar" during recovery from his surgery, and that he wasn't aware it was something he could be fined for under the new ordinance.

Upon learning of the citations, he and his wife made a point to pay the tickets right away, he said.

The two citations for failing to pay the tickets were issued Dec. 10 and 17.