SUNBURY - Sunbury City Councilman Joe Bartello announced his candidacy for mayor of Sunbury.

"After a lot of consideration, I have decided not to seek re-election to city council, but instead throw my hat in the ring for mayor," Bartello said.

Running as an independent in the November election, Bartello wants to unite the citizens of Sunbury.

"I'm not running as a Republican or a Democrat. I'm running as a proud citizen of Sunbury, someone who has a different philosophy and a different plan for bringing our city back to prosperity," he said.

Bartello wants to remove the restrictions on the local economy by getting rid of the nuisance fees and regulations that keep small businesses from locating to Sunbury.

"I am focused on restoring common sense to the way the city money and facilities are managed."

One example he gave was the parks and recreation department, which, he says, spends nearly $500,000 each year on facilities and programs for parks and recreation.

"If this department was self-sufficient, more money could be redirected to rehabing our neighborhoods and the infrastructure," he said.

The candidates said that people have an opportunity to change the direction of our city. "Homeowners, renters, Republicans, Democrats, blue collar or white collar, we are all citizens of Sunbury. We all strive for a clean, safe, economically sound city to live in. All citizens, regardless of party affiliation, deserve an equal chance to decide who will be the next mayor of Sunbury," Bartello said.

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