SHAMOKIN - Painting brings peace to Claude Harrington's life, including to the memories of her adult daughter who can still recall her mother's talents from years ago.

"I still love the smell of the paints," said Jill Russell, of Shamokin, at the opening reception for "A Pot-Pourri of Colors" art exhibit Friday evening at the at the Northumberland County Council for the Arts and Humanities (NCCAH) Fine Art Gallery.

"I walk in and it relaxes me. I used to fall asleep when she would paint in my room so I wasn't scared at night. I associate that with being comfortable," Russell said.

Harrington, who said she has more than 500 pieces painted, displayed 63 oil and acrylic paintings at the gallery on 2 Arch St.

"I wanted to put a little bit of everything I do, and I wanted to make it colorful," she said.

Claude pointed out "La Femme Du Boulanger," a bright acrylic painting of a French play that shows a baker who is sad because his wife left him.

"That's why I made him with no color. He's so gray. He has no life anymore. She took his heart," she said.

She also pointed out "Tour Last Stage," a somewhat blurred acrylic painting of cyclists from the Tour de France.

"You try to see them, and you see nothing. But you see colors," she said.

While she loves painting sunflowers, she was quick to mention that "Maillebois," an oil painting of a French country home, means the most to her.

"I used to spend my summers here. It's happy times," she said.

Her other work displayed at the gallery includes New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski, streets of Paris, a lot of sunflowers and other flowers, stilllifes and musicians.

Harrington's passion for painting began during her childhood in Paris. She has studied and worked with teachers of various techniques, including Bob Ross, and she is a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI). She works in all manners of media: oil, watercolor gouache and pen/ink.

In addition to her long running exhibits at the Demarest Hill Winery in Warwick, N.Y., her work is on display at Arta Trattoria Restaurant in Ringwood, N.J., and she has been involved in various exhibits and art festivals.

She is presently the gallery coordinator of the NCCAH Fine Arts Gallery, which is located inside the Northumberland County Arts Center at Eighth and Arch streets.

The exhibit runs through April 22. The gallery is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.