The Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Elementary chorus will present their seventh annual spring musical, "101 Dalmatians Kids," 7 p.m. Friday, April 25, and 2 p.m. Sunday, April 27, in the gymnatorium. Around 50 students in fourth- through sixth-grades are involved in the production. There will be no admission fee for the show, but donations will be accepted.

The story focuses on two Dalmatians, Pongo (Connor Weaver) and Perdita (Meryl Czeponis) who raise their puppies in a small, loving home on the edge of Regents Park in London. The puppies are played by Jordan Ballard, Mya Berozovske, Summer Boyd, Alyssa Drumheiser, Michael Keer, Emily Mestlin, Jocelyn Olvany, Nicholas Sandri, Kaitlyn Sandri, Shannon Shovlin, Jasmine Slodysko, Mariah Sullivan, Sarah Strouse and Trinity Whyne.

The Nannies (Hannah Bozza and Anna Gownley) care for them, including their human pets, Roger (Nathan Grimes), a composer, and Anita (Julianna Picarelli), an artist.

One day, their fabulously rich neighbor, Cruella De Vil (Lindsay Dunn), stops by for a visit and notices a potential source for her new black-spotted fur coat. After Roger refuses to sell the puppies, Cruella devises a plan with her henchmen to steal them. With the Nannies and Anita out of the house and Roger asleep at the piano, Horace (Peter Long) and Jasper (Krystof Lapotsky) lure the puppies away to Cruella's fur vault using Kanine Krunchies as bait.

Realizing their beloved puppies are stolen, Pongo and Perdita appeal to the dogs of London for help. The London dogs are played by Mya Berozovske, Alessandra Albert, Gianna Sinopoli, Caroline Feese, Kendyl Gunsallus, Alison Barvitskie, Emily Baskin, Mariah Sullivan, Trinity Wright, Gabrielle Wagner, Jasmine Slodysko, Jessica McMurtrie and Abigail Doss.

Despite the fact that she's wanted by the police, Cruella is determined to get her new fur. Headed by the resourceful cat, Sergeant Tibbs (Emily Shaffer), the London dogs rescue the puppies from the vault and capture the thieves.

As a policeman (Michael Keer) and a dogcatcher (Nicholas Sandri) take away Cruella and her helpers, Roger, Anita and Nanny decide to live with all 101 Dalmatians happily ever after. The narrators (Jessica McMurtrie, Abigail Doss, Caroline Feese and Bella Bach) keep the story moving.

Technical crew are Zack Smith, Garrett Timco, Eric Shoch, Aaron Christiana, Nicholas Nestico, Caden McBride, Ryan Kerris and Cody Brokenshire. Musicians are Shawn Khanna on drums and Riley Feese on electric bass guitar. Directorial staff are Bonny Klinger, director; Lee Ann Smith, assistant director; Natalie Baskin, stage manager; Victor Ginitz, art director; and Sister Margaret Ann Quinn, elementary principal.