Mount Carmel is not alone in its effort to address housing and apartment rental issues.

- Shamokin City Council is discussing an ordinance that would require inspections for most residential rental properties. A $50 fee was proposed, and a property would not be eligible for rent unless it passed inspection by the city code officer. Council adopted a preliminary version in January, but final adoption was put off after the proposed ordinance was tabled by council earlier this month for further discussion. It is expected to be a topic among council members and the mayor at the March workshop and monthly meeting.

In 2011, city council adopted its landlord-tenant registration ordinance, requiring a $25 annual license for each rental unit. Among its provisions, the ordinance requires tenants names be registered with the city for each rental unit. Should occupancy change, the tenant registration must be updated.

- Last week, Mount Carmel Township Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that regulates the occupancy of dwelling units by the prior issuance of a occupancy permit, establishes fees for inspection and penalties for violations.

The ordinance, which amends one that was enacted in 1994, establishes a $25 fee for a housing inspection by the code enforcement officer prior to receiving the occupancy permit, adding a $25 fee if deficiencies in the inspection are not corrected within five days, and setting the fines for violations from $100 to $300 per day, along with a 30-day imprisonment if there is a default on the fines.

- Coal Township charges a registration fee of $25 per unit and an annual $25 for each inspection.

- Kulpmont charges an annual $100 registration fee for each landlord and imposes a $50 per occupancy inspection fee and a $25 fee for each subsequent inspection.

- Ralpho Township has no fees for landlords, but does require landlords to report tenants.