BURNSIDE - ATV enthusiasts may have spotted a TV personality cruising the area Thursday.

Brian Fisher, host of Fisher's ATV World, spent several hours filming at the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) for a future episode that will run on Discovery's Destination America channel.

The series has been airing nationally on Discovery's Velocity channel for 11 seasons and has filmed episodes in four different countries and 29 states. The show is family-oriented and focuses on a variety of travel destinations, including off-road parks and factory tours.

Fisher, originally from Dover, Pa., and his wife, Melissa, drove 12 hours from Nashville, Tenn., to tour the park, which opens to the public Saturday, May 17.

Various scenes were filmed by Melissa, such as Brian operating his ATV on trails and talking to AOAA authority chairman Jim Backes.

"I want to showcase a new place to ride," Brian Fisher said before hitting the trails with Backes. "When people see this on TV, they will come."

Fisher heard of the AOAA through Lance Schwartz, a son of authority member Michael Swartz, who has taken photos for Fisher and written ATV reviews for various publications, including "Field & Stream."

"You can tell it (AOAA) wasn't just put together quickly," Fisher said of the area encompassing the trailhead. "If it would have been a place with beer cans laying around, I would have turned right around."

The episode is expected to run 9 a.m. on a Sunday in July.