Members of the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA) steering committee are:

- Kurt Masser, state representative, former Northumberland County commissioner, hunter

- Kathy Jeremiah, AOAA project coordinator/grants manager, tourism

- Patrick Mack, Northumberland County Planning Director

- Jeff Nye, full-size off-highway vehicle enthusiast, private citizen, electronic data management/security liaison

- Joe Picarelli, Northumberland County Human Resources, biking/walking representative

- Dave Crowl, Northumberland County Conservation District, environmentalist,

snowmobile representative, safety trainer

- Howard Hetzendorf, hunter, ATV representative

- Steve Minker, Brush Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce representative

- Bill Rosini Jr., adjacent land owner, coal community representative

- Bernie Rumberger, local business owner, emergency response representative

- Gene Welsh, Coal Township commissioner, local business owner, ATV enthusiast

- Jim Backes, ATV enthusiast, local business representative, hunter

- Lance Schwartz, off-road community representative (non-county), Zerbe Township representative

- Louise Mensch, equestrian community representative

- Tom Hetzendorf, hunter, ATV enthusiast

- Barry Yorwarth, full-size OHV representative, private citizen park development liaison