SUNBURY - Northumberland County has partnered with Geisinger Medical Center's Child Advocacy Center to prevent children from dying in off-highway vehicle accidents by purchasing 67 ATV helmets for the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area (AOAA).

Kathy Jeremiah, AOAA project coordinator, presented three helmets for the commissioners' review during the board meeting Tuesday afternoon.

The helmets were purchased with a $4,245 grant through the Pennsylvania Academy of Pediatrics and the Department of Health, said Melissa A. DeBarro, coordinator with the Child Advocacy Center.

Once the park is open, if a child arrives without a properly fitting helmet, the county will provide one of 67 helmets for the youth rider to use, she said.

"Hopefully we can prevent some serious injuries," DeBarro said.

They will continue to look into other safety measures to prevent injuries on the land, she said.

AOAA is being designed to cover more than 6,500 acres of county-owned land spread across Coal, Mount Carmel, East and West Cameron and Zerbe townships where off-highway vehicles and non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts can gather.

In relation to the AOAA, the commissioners unanimously passed two motions Tuesday and authorized the vice chairman to sign off on professional services from Pennoni Associates Inc., relating to the construction improvements plan for the first phase of the AOAA and the construction of an access drive on county land.

Both these improvements plans are funded through various grants already provided to the county for the park, Jeremiah said.