Salaries for 38 Northumberland County employees top $50,000 in 2012. Some rates, such as the district attorney, are set by state law.

County common pleas court judges Robert B. Sacavage, William H. Wiest and Charles Saylor, not included in the following list because they are not considered employees of the county, will each earn $173,212 in 2013. The same applies to district magistrates Benjamin Apfelbaum, John Gembic III and Hugh Jones, who will each earn $86,608.

(See charts on pages A7 and A8 for department affiliation and hire dates for these and all county employees).

Anthony Rosini, district attorney, $168,541

Jeffrey P. McClintock, chief financial officer/budget director, $71,484

Marsha A. Skoff, custody hearing officer, $67,741

Ann Targonski, first assistant district attorney, $66,982

William C. Cole, assistant district attorney, $64,495

Melissa L. Norton, assistant district attorney, $64,495

Michael P. Toomey, assistant district attorney, $64,495

Michael Romance, assistant public defender, $64,495

Paige Rosini, assistant public defender, $64,495

Michael Suders, assistant public defender, $64,495

John Broda, conflicts counselor, $63,230

Michael R. Seward, conflicts counselor, $63,230

Roy E. Johnson, prison warden, $62,582

Stephen Bridy, commissioner, $61,000

Vinny Clausi, commissioner, $61,000

Richard J. Shoch, commissioner, $61,000

John D. Wondoloski, chief probation officer, $59,638

Joseph B. Picarelli, director of human resources, $59,472

Kathleen M. Strausser, prothonotary, $57,396

Mary L. Zimmerman, register and recorder, $57,396

Anthony L. Phillips, controller, $56,676

Judith Davis, MH/MR administrator, $55,572

John B. Onesi, court reporter, $55,287

Mary Ellen Stank-Engle, court reporter, $55,287

Michael R. Yasenchak, deputy chief probation officer, $55,174

Kevin P. Gilroy, treasurer, $53,834

James F. Kelley, coroner, $53,834

Chad Reiner, sheriff, $53,834

David M. Guyer, probation officer III, $53,692

Richard M. Platt, program specialist I Children and Youth (C&Y), $53,385

Karen L. Miller, supervisor in C&Y, $52,857

Shawn Kalman, probation officer III, $52,638

Charles Hopta, county engineer, $52,447

Jennifer A. Willard, Children and Youth (C&Y) administrator, $51,280

Christopher Minnich, program specialist II (C&Y), $50,431

Patricia A. Rumberger, Area Agency director, $50,334

Albert Bressi, chief assessor, $50,127

Nina K. Weir, probation officer III, $50,102