TREVORTON - Zerbe Township police reported someone ransacked 22 vehicles and removed various items and loose change Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Victims were Ashley Zwolinski, 209 S. 11th St., Trevorton; Jack and Jim Reed, both of 225 S. 11th St., Trevorton; Craig Forney, 47, of 519 S. 11th St., Trevorton; Wally Paczkoskie, 51, of 406 S. 11th St., Trevorton; Dusty Stiely, 30, of 638 W. Market St., Trevorton; Carol Michael, of 1017 Franklin Ave., Trevorton; John Yeagley, of 917 W. Smith St., Trevorton; Shanda Crouse, 36, of 527 W. Market St., Trevorton; Cathy Wands, of 1032 W. Market St., Trevorton; Nicolette Worobetz, 39, of 419 W. Shamokin St., Trevorton; Ruth Knarr, 55, of 637 W. Market St., Trevorton; vehicles parked at 819 W. Shamokin St. and 732 W. Market St., and eight other vehicles.

Anyone with information about the break-ins is urged to call police at 797-4637.

Chief of Police Robert John reminded residents to make sure they keep their doors locked on their vehicles and homes.