KULPMONT - Police chief Michael Pitcavage said 13 of the 41 parking tickets issued during the Feb. 18 "snow emergency" have not been paid.

With non-payment after 10 days, the tickets become citations, and vehicle owners have the option to contest them in court. Those pleading not guilty are entitled to a summary hearing before a magisterial district judge.

Pitcavage said that the vehicle registrations are currently being researched and the citations will be issued in the near future.

The parking tickets were issued after Mayor Bernard Novakoski issued a snow emergency on Feb. 17 after a projected 4 to 7-inch snowfall was forecast. Word of the emergency was sent out early that afternoon to local media, and it was to be effective at 8 p.m. that night.

During a snow emergency in Kulpmont, parking is prohibited on Chestnut Street (Route 61) from the time the snow emergency starts until the snowfall stops and PennDOT trucks can plow the street back to its curb.

Those who received the tickets complained that not enough time was given to allow people to move their cars, saying they only saw the listing in that same day's edition of The News-Item.

Some who protested the tickets said they received them before the newspaper was delivered, and they didn't hear about it on the radio or TV. Besides, they said, the snowfall that prompted the "emergency" amounted to 1 inch.

Past mayors made the snow emergency declaration when 6 or more inches of snow was expected. Novakoski said the forecasts he saw indicated the borough could get that much.