Nick T. Digan, 605 Hepburn St., Milton, from Chasity M. Digan, 132 Holly Circle, Milton. Married Aug. 1, 2009.

Property transfers

Mary Ann T. Domanski estate, Peter J. Domanski and Susan M. Hellerman (administrators), to Peter J. Domanski and Susan M. Hellerman, property in Coal Township, $23,589.75.

Gary T. Anascavage, Stefanie Anascavage and Stefanie Dunleavy, to Gary T. Bregensir Jr., property in Coal Township, $60,000.

Paul Richard Poponiak, to Henry Gross and Donna Gross, property in Marion Heights, $1.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (Trustee by Agent), and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC (Agent), to Lender Asset Resolution Inc., property in Coal Township.

Lender Asset Resolution Inc., to Interstate Investment Group LLC, property in Coal Township, $1.

Interstate Investment Group LLC, to Blackstar Investments LLC, property in Coal Township, $1.

Robert E. Gruneberg and Veronica C. Gruneberg, to Wesley Aaron Hack and Kyle Nicholas Hack, property in Shamokin, $5,000.

Regina C. Snyder, to Dennis Kodack Jr., property in Shamokin, $9,000.

Louise Ann Bielski, to Janet Kopinski and Richard A. Belski, property in Coal Township, $1.

Nicholas Kopyscianski estate and Annette Williams (executrix), to Sharon L. Johnson, property in Coal Township, $26,500.

Dennis I. Wissinger Jr., to Mary J. Kozlowski and Holden L. Butt, property in East Cameron Township, $75,000.

Maryann Culp, Maryann Witkoski, James M. Culp and Helen R. Witkoski, to Thomas A. Griffith, property in Coal Township, $11,500.

Allan L. Alspach Jr. and Mary J. Alspach, to Susquehanna Bank, two properties in Mount Carmel, $1 each.

Mary E. Ruths and Dolores M. Ruths, to Dolores M. Ruths, property in Mount Carmel, $1.

Albert J. Bush and Jean M. Bush, to John M. Bush and Patricia A. Bush, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Jacqueline L. Smith estate and Mildred A. Adams (executrix), to Mildred A. Adams, property in Point Township, $1.

Mildred A. Adams, and Joseph L. Adams, to Mildred A. Adams and Joseph L. Adams, property in Point Township, $1.

Michelene D. Rhodes, Peter H. Rhodes, Margaret E. Bunde and Bruce Bunde, to Donald L. Blessing and Antoinette M. Blessing, property in Coal Township, $92,000.

Randy W. Derr and Melody A. Derr, to Garden State Property Restoration LLC, property in Shamokin, $17,000.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, property in Washington Township, $1.

Gary L. Renner and Tara J. Renner, to Gary L. Pensyl, to Dolores W. Pensyl, property in Shamokin, $1.

Northumberland County Sheriff's Office, Michael A. Rushavich estate and Mary Ann Ruskavich (executrix) to BAC Home Loans Servicing LP, property in Ralpho Township, $911.20.

Scott Kerstetter and Shannon Kerstetter, to Scott and Shannon Kerstetter, property in Ralpho Township, $1.

Joseph A. Gushen and Sharon K. Gushen, to Gabriel S. Stever and Tara Ann J. Stever, property in Mount Carmel, $90,500.

William L. Bohner and Betty L. Bohner, to Robert G. Spatzer and Beverly A. Spatzer, property in Jordan Township, $1.

George Fuller, to Union National Bank of Mount Carmel, property in Mount Carmel Township, $1.

Kevin K. Ramp, Susan A. Ramp and Susan A. Chiavaroli, to Robert A. Feudale and Mary A. Feudale, property in Coal Township, $18,000.

William E. Wormald, Belvamae Wormald, and Belavame Wormald, to Michael C. Snyder, property in Zerbe Township, $10,000.

Dennis C. Covaleskie, Dennis C. Covaleski and Lorraine M. Covaleski, to Ronald R. Scandle and Denise M. Scandle, property in Coal Township, $19,000.