Mount Carmel area native Robert B. Russin continues a 23-year military career as a hospital administrator for the U.S. Air Force Reserve, working in the United Kingdom.
Russin, 42, who was promoted from captain to major in November 2011, is with the medical support squadron at Royal Air Force Lakenheath, Brandon.
His position in resource management for the base’s general hospital is essentially to make sure the money, supplies, equipment and other needs are met to keep the facility functioning. He is responsible for executing an annual budget of $35 million for the largest Air Force medical treatment facility in Europe, supporting 35,000 beneficiaries and three United Kingdom bases.
Russin serves as the principal advisor to the CEO and executive committee on cost containment and resource utilization strategies, provides analysis and recommendation on 14 medical and dental product lines and serves as primary resource adviser to the CEO and executive leadership.
He leads a diverse team of seven military and four civilian personnel in directing the daily operations of the Medical Expense Performance Reporting System (MEPRS) and the Medical Services Account (MSA) programs. Additional responsibilities include leading a 25-person team responsible for administering and evaluating the Medical Treatment Facilities’ Emergency Management training and exercise program.
A son of Robert Russin, of 254 Colonial Ave., Natalie, he is a 1989 graduate of Mount Carmel Area High School. He earned a Bachelor of Science at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va., in 2000, and a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla., in 2011.
He and his wife, Dayana, live in Florida.