The following memorials/donations have been presented to Divine Redeemer Church, Mount Carmel for July 2014.

In memory of

Martin Gildea from Bob and Barb Whispell.

Joseph "Jazz" Diminick from Donna and Robert Pollock; Rich, Mary, Jonathan and Sarah Novack; Frank and Mary Sawicki; Stella Veach; Jack and Theresa McDonnell; Mildred Greco; Joe and Barb Iwanski; Dr. Richard A. Greco and sons; Joseph C. Iwanski and family; Greg and Dee Pulaski; Glenn and Tina Meredith; Martha Meredith; Tom Spears and Kelly; Gary and Kerri Spears; Myron Zuech; Sam and Ann Spears; Jack and Toni Sommers; Mark Sommers; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Madalis; Gloria Kwiatkowski; Gig, Butch, Joe and Carol Varano; Alice O'Donnell; Sara Mirarchi; Dan and Phyllis Ficca; Dora and Joan DiFrancesco; Pat Nevis and family; Helen Kaminski; Joyce Cheddar; Rita M. Pizzoli; Kenneth and Barbara Pizzoli; Hank and Loretta Witkoski; Carmen and Florence DeFrancesco family; Carmen, Jr. and Virginia DeFrancesco; Maria Kaminski; Maria and Cathy Lacroce; Walter and Anne McAndrew; Isabell Amarose; Missy and Mike Menapace; Mary M. Rudisill and family; Peggy Bednarchik; Mary Ruths and Blair Ruths; John and Mary Lou Corbacio and family; Maria Scicchitano; Connie Wenrich and Dave; John Wenrich and family; John J. Elgin; Tom and Caroline Rossi and family; Peter and Nora Avellino; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Feudale and family; Diminick family; Rose Polifka; Bob and Marie Ficca and family; Mark and Linda Kowalonek; James J. Gard; Michael and Linda Trocki; Mr. and Mrs. Ned Little and family; Thomas J. Cole; Thomas and Rita Yucha; Kevin and Dianne Arthur; Paul and Linda Szymanski; Judith Polites; Ronald Coleman; Basil and Mary Ann Hashuga; April and Patricia Nevis; Bianca R. Dello Buono; Rose and Francis Pecaitis; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Antico.

Katherine B. Danisevich from Jack and Toni Sommers; Dan and Phyllis Ficca; Mary Hirsch; Dora and Joan DiFrancesco; Rita M. Pizzoli; Marietta and Gina Miriello; Frank and Mary Sawicki; Walter and Anne McAndrew; Megan McAndrew and Matt Filarski; Jean Kashmere and children; Elaine Jurgill; Isabell Amarose; Rosemarie (Petrovich) Sullivan; Mr. and Mrs. John Corbacio; Maria Scicchitano; Charles and Sandra Lucas; John J. Elgin; Evelyn Pedergnana; Daniel Rossi.

Rita Graboski from Dan and Phyllis Ficca.

Eleanor E. Kowaleski from Mary Ruths and Blair Ruths.

Helen McAndrew from Ray and Mary Ann Bartosic; Michael and Linda Trocki; Ronald Coleman; Cathy Burger-Gray.

Josephine T. Baranoski from The General's.

Robert Fanella from Connie Wenrich and Dave.

John L. Altmire from Bob and Barbara (Altomare) Whispell.

Mary Ellen Murray from Frank and Mary Sawicki; Ronald Coleman.

Joan M. Simmons from Bob and Barbara Whispell; Rita M. Pizzoli.

Dolores Gallagher from Frank and Mary Sawicki; Mary Sawicki.

In honor of

San Marziale from Marietta and Gina Miriello.

Mary (Mamie) Tamecki on her 102nd birthday Aug. 5 from daughter, Jean Kashmere and children.

In thanksgiving

For prayers answered from A.G.D.

Birthday memorial

Olga Guarna (July 25) from Vince Guarna and Colleen Fessler.

Olga Guarna (July 25th) from Jack and Toni Sommers and family.