When he was a youngster some 65 to 75 years ago, the Mass was celebrated by a priest and a contingent of altar boys. Boys and girls, young men and young women assist as altar servers these days, which brings us to today's subject.

The man returned to duty this past summer when the pastor instituted the practice of having adults serve on a rotating basis on the altar at weekday and the Saturday morning Masses. Although the Mass was said in Latin the last time he was an altar server, he fell effortlessly into the routine of assisting the priest during the liturgy.

A month or two later, his granddaughter, an elementary student, decided to resume her service as an altar service after a hiatus of a year or so.

It was decided that the man and his granddaughter would serve at a weekday Mass to refresh the girl's memory of what she was supposed to do.

The girl must have been thrilled to serve with her grandfather, but just think of how her grandfather felt. It's one matter to burst with justifiable pride when you see your children or grandchildren do something special. But he was not only watching her putting her faith into action; he was doing the same thing with her.

God's love is the only force more powerful than the love of a family, so on that morning the love between grandfather and granddaughter was magnified beyond comprehension because of the love they share they shared with the Lord.


Love shared is love magnified.