SUNBURY — Northumberland County’s president judge will rule tomorrow on the City of Shamokin’s request to exceed the maximum property tax allowed by law.
The city is asking to assess 30 mills of property tax, 5 mills above the 25-mill limit set by Third Class City Code, claiming it is necessary to balance its budget and maintain its fire, police and civic services.
Five mills is worth $175,000, City Clerk Steve Bartos said during testimony at a hearing on the matter Thursday in county court. However, when taking into account the city’s collection rate, he estimated it would actually net Shamokin an estimated $120,000.
If approved by Judge Robert B. Sacavage, it would mark the fifth consecutive year the city successfully petitioned county court for the 5-mill allowance.
No one filed any paperwork in opposition to the request, said Judge Robert Sacavage, and no one attended the hearing other than the parties involved.
City officials said no opposition was filed at City Hall, either.
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