MOUNT CARMEL – LATS director and former borough treasurer Megan Janolek takes exception to borough leaders opening up her position amid a $67,000 discrepancy found in an audit of the 2012-13 borough budget.

Borough council took the action Thursday night.

Janolek said she was unaware of a problem until notified by an auditor, and that she found the error shortly thereafter.

“I for some reason didn’t mark down two payrolls from December,” she wrote in an email to The News-Item this morning. “I went back and fixed them and everything is in balance. I didn’t do it on purpose. I didn’t even know I did it until the auditor told me.”

She also notes that, in early 2013, she asked for help and explained that it was too much trying to handle both the LATS (Lower Anthracite Transportation Service) and treasurer duties.

“I was never provided help until March 1 (2014) when they gave the job to Ed (Cuff),” the borough manager, she wrote.

Janolek wrote, “I’m not this horrible person and never stole any money.”

Council President Tony Matulewicz brought the errors, including the $67,000 reconciliation/discrepancy fund switch, to the attention of the rest of the council at Monday’s work session. The council spoke extensively about Janolek without a resolution.
At Thursday’s meeting, the board was still conflicted about terminating Janolek. When a motion to open the position of LATS director, and borough treasurer, was brought up, the board voted unanimously to go into executive session.
Afterward, the board voted 5-1 to open Janolek’s position and seek applications. Robert Shirmer abstained from the vote; he is a relative. Council vice president Leroy Moser Jr. was the sole dissenting vote. He said he could not publicly disclose his reasoning, but it had to do in part with unanswered questions.
A primary reason Janolek was not immediately let go is because the council does not yet fully understand how the errors occurred because the auditor has not yet completed the audit due to missing documents.
“We do need more time to look into it,” said Matulewicz. “It’s too soon to do anything.”
Matulewicz said the errors occurred during the 2012-13 fiscal year while Janolek was still in the treasurer position. These duties were transferred to borough manager Edward T. Cuff III March 1 so Janolek could focus on managing LATS.
The post includes both LATS director and borough treasurer duties in the position.