Peonies are not my favorite plant (daffodils are). However, the dark red buds opening into their crimson beauty in the beds at two corners of our garden are the plants that mean the most to me.

The peonies are special because of where they came from. They started off as plants in the flower-filled, immaculately landscaped garden of my wife's grandfather or "Papu." After her grandparents died and the house was about to be sold, we dug up several plants.

Those peonies were planted in the garden my wife and I shared with my mother. The plants thrived there, so when my mother died and we sold our home and hers, we could not abandon them. We dug up some of the plants and transplanted them in our new garden.

The flowers hold a special significance in addition to the fact that they came from the gardens of the people that we love.

Peonies used to be very popular flowers that families used to take to the cemeteries for Memorial Day to decorate the graves of family members. In faith, our great-grandparents, then our grandparents, and then our parents decorated the gravesites of loved ones they hoped to meet again in God's presence.

You might say that kind of faith lives on in our garden; a faith rooted in love and growing in hope.

I pray that we will be able to pass on plants of faith, hope and love to others.


Grow in the light of God's love.