Usually, a remark does not become a cliché unless it contains more than a bit of truth. Such is the case when our extended family gathers. "It's a shame that the only time we see each other is at weddings or funerals."

Fortunately, when the family got together this weekend, it was a joyful gathering for the wedding of Jennifer, my cousin's daughter.

Of course, a family wedding is not totally joyous and a family funeral is not completely sad. When a family gathers to mark the passing of one its beloved members, members share smiles and even laughter prompted by sweet memories.

Conversely, the happiness is slightly tinged with the regret that grandparents, parents or siblings are not around to share in the special day.

It is impossible for all our ancestors and descendants to navigate the river of life at the same time. We begin and end the journey at different times.

However, it enhances the joy and eases the sorrow of this life to realize that this river of love eventually flows back to its source - the Living Water of God. There, we will be greeted by those loved ones who have gone before us and we will greet those who follow us - spending eternity in the light of God's love.


God wants His love to overflow

our hearts and flow into other hearts.