As a former journalist, you would think my powers of observation would be better than average. Sometimes, you might be right; often, you might not be.

I've been looking at the stained glass windows in our church ever since I was a kid, but it took me a long time before I noticed a detail in the huge artwork that features Our Mother of Consolation and the Baby Jesus overseeing angels comforting and releasing the poor souls in purgatory.

A lime green snake is being crushed beneath Mary's right foot, an ending foretold in Genesis 3.

I did make up for the belated discovery this spring with a statue of the Resurrected Christ donated to the church by native son Father Jonathan Sawicki. The sculpture was put on display on the altar, beginning with the Easter Vigil liturgy. It was later moved to its permanent location above the main doors leading into the church.

The carved stone clasp that holds together Christ's cloak after His resurrection is nearly identical to the head of the spikes that held Him to the cross on Good Friday.

The symbol of sin and death has been transformed by God into the symbol of forgiveness and eternal life.

God offers us countless symbols and reminders of His love for us throughout our lives. They are there for us to observe - but we must look for them and reflect that love in the way we serve God by helping others.


God is everywhere -

if the eyes of our soul are open.