The twin first-graders knelt in their pew with their hands perfectly positioned in prayer. The cute little girls were in church with their Mom learning how to spend time with God.

A similar lesson took place a few months earlier in another church where a woman attended Mass with a boy who was around kindergarten age. The youngster had already learned the first lesson - when in doubt do everything the person next to you is doing.

He folded his hands in prayer in imitation of the woman's. When the woman knelt, the boy knelt. When she stood, he stood. When she leaned over to replace a hymnal in the holder on the back of the pew, the boy did the same even though he was at a slight disadvantage since he was not holding a hymnal.

The results of these early lessons in faith were immediately apparent. The mother beamed in pride at her little girls. The woman smiled broadly at her pupil's progress. The parishioners and priests who noticed these tutorials taking place also smiled.

Most importantly of all, though, witnesses to these lessons in love were assured that God was looking on upon this childlike faith and smiling. Such is the result of childlike faith - no matter how old the person may be.


Smile - God loves you.

Love - God smiles at you.