A man named David walked into his 50th anniversary class reunion - an entrance that shocked his high school classmates. They figured he would have been long dead or spending time in prison. The David they knew was the toughest, roughest and most incorrigible guy in their school.

God can change people. David, a poor shepherd boy, killed the Philistine giant Goliath and eventually became king. Uneducated fishermen became dynamic apostles. An enemy of the early Christians had his name changed from Saul to Paul and became one of God's most forceful spokespersons.

Those and other instances of the power of faith to change people are found in the Bible. This one is not.

In his childhood and adolescent years, nobody messed with David. He would fight anybody at any time, and he would do whatever it took to win. Although he was skinny and below average in height in high school, nobody messed with him. Even the teachers were leery. One teacher would not even let him in the room. David's desk was in the hallway outside the classroom door.

David seemed to be on a certain path for a short and violent life. At least that was the case until a friend invited him to attend a church service when David was 16. In church, he discovered that God had a much better plan for his life.

David became a changed man. He gave up his violent, self-destructive ways. He eventually became a preacher and pastor, as well as someone who worked hard at a job on weekdays. He's been married for many years, and he and his wife have reared children who are now passing on to their children the blessings of God, the rewards of faith and the value of hard work.

The examples of the transformations of King David, St. Paul and other biblical figures are inspiring, but David's transformation might have more of an impact on us. God helping David to change from problem teen to loyal and devoted preacher, husband, father and grandfather is just as powerful in its own way.

If we have faith and hope in God, and love Him and others, we too can become changed persons.


God can change everything - and everyone.