While park officials did not announce the opening, the All American Thrills website and the Facebook pages of Theme Park Review and Great Ohio Coaster Club on Facebook have all posted several photographs and blog posts talking about the hotly-anticipated thrill coaster opening Friday night.

A spokesman for Knoebels said Wednesday, “It is a work in progress, although it is close (to being done).”

Brandon Strouphauer, site administrator for All American Thrills, posted at 8:08 p.m. Friday that he was at a private preview night for the Flying Turns.

“I’ve just ridden the long-awaited ride, and it is nothing short of amazing. WOW. It’s smooth, thrilling, and overall an amazing ride. The amount of work that’s gone into this ride really shows, the station, queue, and entire ride are beautiful,” he said.

Take a look at what the ride looked like in July.

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