Physical pain is not something that can be shared. No matter how much empathy you feel for someone in pain - especially someone you love - you do not have the ability to take some or even all that pain upon yourself.

Parents, spouses, siblings and even friends do as much as they can to help the ones they love, but they cannot absorb physical pain to lessen it in those who are suffering.

What happened over last weekend illustrates this point. My nephew Greg had knee surgery that left him with a tremendous amount of pain even after being given pain medication.

If it had been possible, there is no doubt that my brother Phil and his wife Helen would have instantly offered to absorb their son's agony.

But, of course, easing someone's pain by taking it upon yourself is impossible - with one critically important exception.

For our sake, Jesus suffered through all the pain of Good Friday, including the scourging, crowning with thorns and the ultimate agony of crucifixion. He did it to free us from the pain of sin and the pain of death.

That does not mean we won't suffer physical pain and suffer even more when someone we love suffers that type of pain. It certainly does not free us from sin by taking away our free will. And, most of all, it does not eliminate the pain death brings to a loved one's survivors.

However, for those who try to do their best to live in God's love, they will find a pain-free eternity in heaven with Him.


Faith doesn't take away our pain, but God helps us to bear it.