COAL TOWNSHIP — Several animals perished and a home was gutted in the area’s second fire call Monday, this time at the intersection of Wabash and Sherman streets.
Coal Township firefighters were at the scene of a motor vehicle accident along Route 901 when a call came in at 7:25 p.m. for a structure fire at 1479 Wabash St.
The home was in the process of being renovated and tenants Mike Borich and Lizzette Velezquez had just moved in last weekend.
“My boss had taken us out for wings tonight and when we got home, we just saw the flames,” a stunned Borich said while watching crews search for hot spots in his new home. “I just went into the basement and got my dog out before it got too bad.”
While Borich managed to save one dog, a pit bull terrier, another pit bull, along with a cat and some snakes, could not be saved, according to Coal Township Fire Chief Russ Feese.

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